Birds-eye shot of a desktop strewn with papers, markers, a phone and a computer. Someone holds a marker over one of the papers, which contain designs for a phone app. unsplash-logoWilliam Iven

Designing and customizing your website

You're in charge of what your website looks like and how it's organized. We'll discuss some of the fundamental things to consider when designing a website, including accessibility and basic design and layout. For this course, I'll ask you to pay attention to the design of the different websites you interact with, and to design your site in a way that meets your goals for engaging in public conversation. Once the course is over, you're welcom to design your site in any way you want (you can even make your site look like it belongs in the 1990s, though I wouldn't recommend it).

Web design resources

We'll talk about some basic web design principles in class, and we'll go over some considerations for choosing and customizing a WordPress theme. But if you're interested in doing even more hands-on customization, these resources should help: