A small notebook labeled 'Field Notes' resting on a table with a pencil beside it

WRIT 100. Writing in Public

This class investigates public writing on topics as varied as Kim Kardashian, Black Lives Matter, millennials, and Internet trolls. We examine ways authors use evidence and analysis to build persuasive arguments and learn strategies for identifying and engaging with public audiences. We also produce public writing in response to the essays we read and learn the skills for setting up, maintaining and promoting blogs and websites.

While most of our out-of-class work takes place either on this website or on your own site, you should submit Papers I, II and III on Sakai, which is also where you will find all of your grades and comments on your work.

How do I use this site?


When are assignments due? What's the reading for tomorrow? What's the policy on revisions?


What are the requirements for each assignment? How are they evaluated?


How do I set up a web site? How do I cite my sources? Where do I go for technical help?